Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The History of Light

Reflected light
paints a window on my wall
but it is only an illusion.
Stepping forward, I look,
and time wavers so I can see--
This house
before it tragically became
yet another office building.
When it housed life
and family.
Back when gas lights burned
and horse drawn wagons delivered ice.
History is evident in the cracks
if you open your eyes
when a window presents
an opportunity.

*In response to Three Word Wednesday


  1. Great imagery here... love the last 4 lines!


  2. I've lived my life mostly in the west, where the scenario you perfectly painted is relatively rare. You offered me a lucid glimpse into what it must be like to live with history, to co-habit with the past. Really good job here.

  3. Sheilagh Lee said:"History is evident in the cracks,if you open your eyes,when a window presents an opportunity." I love the view of history through your eyes.

  4. Thanks, Laurie. I've been thinking of expanding this one a little. Don't know yet, though.

    Kim, the "house" I work in was built around 1920 or so. Not so old but . . .

    Thanks Sheilagh, I'm a history junkie. It bothers me when I see some of the old buildings torn down. We don't seem to appreciate what we have or have had.

  5. I went to visit my old school, built in the late 1800s, and drove by it twice before I'd realized it. It had been converted into an apartment building. It was horrifying to say the least.
    Well done with the prompts :)

  6. There is sometimes an unbearable sadness to imagine or even recall the past of buildings you have known or even lived it. They have such a personality of their own.

    It immediately brought to mind so many buildings that meant so much to me. Great work.

  7. What a good contemplative poem; made me reflect on the savagery of modern urban society, and the soullessness of modern architects.

  8. Thanks gautami, Ren, oldegg and Old Altonian. From where I sit, Monday - Friday, there is a beautiful old building, left to rot until it rots enough that they will be allowed to tear it down.

  9. Lovely series of images! Especially like the idea of history embedded in the cracks of a building!

  10. Thanks. I like to think the cracks were earned.

  11. A window back in time..a gift to be able to see the worlds that existed before..opens your mind to many stories..Jae :)