Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Real

The dream shatters
with the noise of morning,
so delicate is the night.
Morning rises, gray and wet,
intensifying the disconnect.
Real seems less concrete,
like it could simply be a message
from another real, onto my own.
And, what I see with my eyes
and touch with my hands
could shatter.
Just like the dream.
I hold the counter for balance,
then pick up an apple.
I can feel the resistence of the skin
as I bite and hear the solid crunch.
Juice trickles down my chin
and I let it roll down,
tucking under my chin.
My vision clears as two worlds
rejoin as one.

*In response to Sunday Scribblings #261


  1. Wonderful..image after image drawing us's always such a disappointment leaving the land of dreams isn't it..simply delicious..with a slight hint of the sour skin found on a 'Granny Smith' apple..Lorry loads of praise!Jae :)

  2. Nice poem. Interesting that you chose an apple to connect... biblical reference?

  3. Thanks Jae, Jingle and Meryl. No intentional biblical reference. I just like apples :)

  4. "A message from another real, onto my own," great turn of phrase. Glad to have found you on Sunday Scribblings! This is a thoughtful, well-written poem.

    Here's my Sun Scrib:

    Peace, and glad to have "met" you,
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  5. Thanks Amy. What's funny is I think I found Sunday Scribblings via Sharp Little Pencil.

  6. i like the idea of an apple being the captapult for an everyday reality...

  7. Thanks pieceofpie. I am bit fan of apples both the real ones and the computing ones.

  8. thanks for following Jerry.. Jae