Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Agony of Hyacinths

Lying sideways in the wet grass,
trying to capture the hyacinth
in late day sun.
The click of a shutter and I look,
at the image and smile.
Then a shadow passes
and I wonder what I've lost.
No longer waiting
in excusite agony
for the film to be processed,
that just one image
would match
what I saw with my eyes.
Befuddled by progress.
to go back.


  1. I get the sense of a 'shadow' of we lose something whilst at the same time thinking we are moving the magic of opening up a packet of freshly-developed photographs..or the short burst of colour in a hyacinth..beautifully depicted as always..I can see the flower but I can also see you 'capturing' it..both seem poignant..Jae

  2. I enjoyed reading your poem Jerry, great take

  3. Damn those anticipations of times past. I lost a whole roll of shots of Paris due to a faulty wind on mechanism on my camera. My befuddlement now is why printing ink costs more than the printer. Despite that I loved your post.

  4. Thanks Jae. Your comments are always so thoughtful. I appreciate them greatly.

    Thank you yo Kodjo and Delphiandreams.

    And, oldegg, it's the old razor vs. blades gambit. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Oh for the days when my wonderful Lubitel still worked, and one could buy 120 film in Ilford FP.3. My Kodak digital is fine, but it's NOT a camera. Fine poem.

  6. Love this! The title, the poem - everything is so beautifully crafted together.

  7. Thanks Old Altonian and E. Johnson. I have to admit, I really liked my title on this one too.

  8. There was something about waiting for film to develop, but I sure like it now, less waste in pictures, only thing is I never get around to putting them on the flash drive and taking it in for developing. Nice poem.

  9. Thanks Christine. I admit, I like the way it is now, more than the waiting but sometimes I think we lose something in our instant society.

  10. Yes, it took me few reads through, but I have had that feeling too. Playing with he camera which captures but never expresses what I see and feel of the scene.