Friday, April 4, 2014

Since the rain is falling

The world is smaller when it rains.
The sky, capped and sealed by gray
closes in, shortening your vision,
blurring your focus, making it seem
as though this rain is all there is.

Yet, it seems each crystal drop of rain
carries secret color.

And I imagine
a small crew of painters, departing
each drop as it lands,
dressed in brilliantly colored overalls
which match the color they will spread.

Thousands of painters ply green to the grass
and titanium white to the snowdrops.
Small accents of lavender are dotted
on the emerging hyacinth.

They come in waves,
so small
and moving so fast
that you cannot even see their work
until the Sun returns
and you stand slack jawed
and wide eyed
and wonder
when did Spring arrive.

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