Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Hard to Keep Them All Happy

Facing the daunting challenge
of coloring the crayons,
I grab fistfuls of maple leaves,
separating the Burnt Orange
from the Burnt Sienna
I find just enough Outrageous Orange
to intensify the Neon Carrot.
Fastidious Fuchsia
refuses my offer of Chestnut
which she needs for her to become Copper,
so I offer it to Magenta
who accepts it along with my offer of Mahogany
but he also demands the  Goldenrod
I'm saving for Inchworm.
I grab Cadet Blue
from the morning drizzle
and head out for coffee.

* Thanks to Wikipedia for this amazing list of colors.


  1. Great writing, and the color adds a touch of whimsy.

  2. Well Inchworm is new on me, but i will pass on that one.

  3. I can see (and smell) that little cardboard carton of Crayola good to have your dandelion words back..they really lifted my spirits..

  4. Love how you used the clor and inch worm to weave this piece totally drew me in. Love it!