Friday, April 19, 2013


Note: this partly a found poem, pulled from the pages of the
Kentucky Gazette and general advertiser, July 29, 1806, found
at the digital public library of America (

My head aches
from changes in pressure
and my vision swims,
replacing what I know is here
with a vision
I’ve only seen in history collections.
I stand
in front of
whose table
is plentifully supplied
with the best viands
the season can afford,
next door to
Trotter & Tilford,
newly stocked with
received from Philadelphia:
fancy callicoes and chintzes
Longhorn and Dunstable bonnets
for cash in hand,
but my hands are empty
and my pockets
only hold plastic
so I turn back,
by what is lost
along the road
and burned
from our collective

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