Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some Days, I Hate Yellow

Yellow streetlights
Against yellow leaves
Throw me into a sepia toned world,
Where the streetlight
throwing my shadow
flickers and dances
as gas burns.
My frock coat opens
in the breeze,
exposing my waistcoat
in the light
for just a moment
before the light
winks out of existence,
leaving me in a darkness
not experienced since childhood.
The world smells different,
both cleaner
and dirtier
depending on the shifting winds.
I blink
and it’s gone.
I stand, shod is ASICS,
jacketed in fleece,
transfixed by yellow.


  1. I liked reading this Jerry, but am a little lost at the ending. Care to explain?

    BTW -doesn't detract that it's this way. - Mosk

  2. The basic idea was that I had been sent back in time with gas lights, frock coats, etc. and at the end, I return to this time where I am dressed in my tennis shoes and fleece.

    Not one of my better efforts but November, so far, has been a struggle.

  3. I thought it was fine - keep at it - you're someone I enjoy reading. - moskowitz