Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Redefined Oasis

radiates from progress.
Blacktop and concrete,
redefined oasis,
melting my resolve.
Feet ache as they melt
and meld,
ceasing to be a part of me
but becoming a part of it.
Wishing for rain
but knowing it brings
only brief salvation
as the dial changes
from bake
to poach
and nasty.

* In response to Three Word Wednesday


  1. Jerry- From the first line to the last, an excellent read. I love this piece.

  2. Sheilagh lee said:lovely flow to this piece and descriptive phrases.I love this

  3. It's lovely to read one of your pieces again Jerry..they are so complete..this reminds me of the sizzle on pavements when the rain comes all to briefly after a heat leaves a funny smell and doesn't really cool you off..a bit like being in a poaching tin! Jae

  4. Thanks Laurie, Sheilagh and Jae. I've been out of sorts (poetically speaking) for a bit. I hope I'm back on track.

  5. Oh! I was not expecting that ending! I enjoyed, and felt, the imagery. I could almost smell the tar from the hot pavement. Very nice. Thank you.

  6. I liked the hard clipped words and feelings expressed in this piece, reflecting the irritation that the heat brings out.

  7. This is fantastic, I really love your style

  8. the summer weather seems to bring out the worst, and yet the best, in many of us!