Monday, May 2, 2011

Let them eat . . . oh, Never Mind

He wore his camouflage hat,
sitting on his stoop,
smoking a cigarette,
and I wondered why he bothered.
He was invisible to most people
anyway. Maybe
he sat there, watching them
scurry past, eyes averted,
hoping to be a beacon.
Flashing his message:
Life is not always
tea and cake.

* In response to Sunday Scribblings


  1. Strange! After reading your poem, the song "Lovely, lonely man" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came to mind.

  2. Marie Antoinette could have used that warning. A message for all of us suppose.

  3. Normally people watching is curiously one way. Perhaps we think we have troubles enough of our own without interaction.

  4. Thanks Jingle, Gloria, Buddah and Christine.

    Old Altonian, that's a beautiful song. If my simple words can evoke that song, well, that's more than I could hope for.

    oldegg, I agree that is the case, most of the time. Perhaps it would be a better world if it were not.

  5. I agree with OldEgg..this really tipped people-watching on its head..a kind of mixed message - don't see me but see my message..the title was aptly defeatist! Jae

  6. I like the way you started this with the camo hat. What a thought-provoking piece.

  7. Ditto Old Egg and Jae. This is really, really good, inviting, as in it stopped me, and I dove in and came up changed. Others may disagree, but I say that's what it's all about, writing.