Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Distraction as a Plan

Nearly became distracted,
trying to detect the distance
from violet to plum,
amethyst to eggplant,
as the Earth moved,
revealing the midwestern morning.
Saved, by the chirp of a finch
and the chitter of a squirrel,
I returned my focus
to the task at hand.

*From the prompt at Sunday Scribblings


  1. 'the distance from violet to plum'..what a wonderful thought and image..no wonder it distracted you..as delicate as 'dandelion fluff' on the wind..and as magical..Jae ;)

  2. I too loved the imagery of the distance from violet to plum, amethyst to eggplant. Very lyrical.

  3. Those are the kind of distractions I embrace! Lovely write.

  4. just lovely images...reminds me of how I felt sitting in my garden pulling weeds on a rare early spring day. very easy to get distracted by 'important life'.

  5. Thanks everyone. We had a wonderful sunrise today here in Ohio.

  6. Wow. I love your poems, Jerry. So clean and they say so much. You have a way of saying things that is creative and different. Loved enjoying this sunrise with you. I was almost distracted!

  7. Thanks Judy. I've found being distracted is one of my better traits.